Yamaha Triples
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Triple Links

The XS1100 Site
The web site for the sister to the Triple. Lots of good information and some of the tips/techniques will work on the Triple.
  Jean Aker's web site
This is another excellent source of information on the Triple, along with the XS650 and other makes and models. If you are interested in information on an exhaust system for your Triple, Jean's site is the place to go!
Triples Registry
This is different than the registry that was on the "old" Triples site. That one was more of a guestbook. This one has VIN numbers and space for you to list modifications, accessories, etc..
  Triples Database
Are you looking for other Triplers that may be near to you? Then this database may be of help. It was done by Lyle Marrs and his wife and is an excellent resource.
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