Yamaha Triples
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Yamaha Triple explained


There is a strong likelihood that your being on the site, is because you stumbled upon it. Perhaps a friend rambled on about Yamaha Triples earlier in the day, and you had no idea what they were talking about. Not to worry, everyone has a weak subject, and we here are happy to fill you in.

Here's an explanation, and if you're intrigued, stick around. If not, thanks for coming and we hope your time on Partypoker or Facebook is just as enjoyable. The Yamaha XS750 and the Yamaha XS850, also known as the Yamaha Triples, were a line of motorcycles that were produced by the Yamaha Motor Corporation between 1976 and 1981. They were distributed worldwide in the motorcycle market, and have gained quite the following over the years.

Released originally in 1976 in Japan, GX750 sporting wheels were originally distributed with them, the export model given the name XS750. After that, cast alloy wheels were fitted into the later models. The reason why this type of bike is referred to as a 'Triple', is because of their 3 cylinders.

One of the reasons why they are still popular, over 20 years since they were last distributed, is because of the community. The people who love them, are some of the nicest you will ever have the pleasure of speaking to. And their passion for the same topic, will feed into your own love for the Yamaha Triple.

Not only is it a unique experience when you ride a Yamaha Triple, but the support you get from the other enthusiasts makes their maintenance well worth the effort. Fellow Triple lovers are happy to help out with tips regarding technical issues, and just discussing the thrill of the riding experience. And that's why most of us will continue loving the Yamaha Triple experience for years to come.



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