Yamaha Triples
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K & L Part Numbers

K & L is an aftermarket parts supplier for older bikes. Here is a list of their most commonly requested parts for Triple rebuilds:

K&L P/N Year and Model Description
16-5759 77-79 750's Complete gasket set
16-6242 80-81 850's Complete gasket set
16-6243 80-81 850's Top end gasket set
16-6025(10) All Exhaust gaskets
16-5775(2) All Valve cover gaskets
15-0908(10) All Cam end sealing plugs
(for valve covers)
14-6079 All Intake valve
14-6080 All Exhaust valve
14-6057 All Valve stem seal
(included in gasket sets)
12-8099 All Cam chain 219Hx124links
(sold without master link)
12-1217 All Master link for above chain
(K&L says not for OEM chain)
18-2597 D & 2D Carb rebuild kit
18-2662 78 & 79 750's Carb rebuild kit
(None listed for 850s)
11-6114 All Carb holders
(intake manifolds)
18-2697 77-79 Standards Petcock repair kit
18-2699 78-79 Specials Petcock repair kit
(Also fits all 850's)
20-6843 D Points/condenser kit
21-6463 All Rebuilt starter motor
21-2951 All Starter brush kit
21-5209 Specials Ignition switch
15-1439 D Fork seal set (35mm)
15-2569 80-81 Specials Fork seal set
(36mm x 11mm thick)
15-2566 All others Fork seal set
(36mm x 8.5mm thick)
31-2218 All Steering stem bearing kit
32-1085 All Front master cyl rebuild kit
32-1085 All Rear master cyl rebuild kit
32-1250 All Standards Front caliper rebuild kit
(order 1 per caliper)
32-1250 All Rear caliper rebuild kit
35-5940 All Alternator rotor puller bolt
(16mm x 1.5)


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